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Hi everybody,
It's been a while since I did much activity here, and unfortunately there's a reason for that. About two months ago, I noticed the vision in my right eye had gotten blurry out of nowhere. The GP couldn't find anything, so he sent me to hospital with it, with migraine as interim diagnosis. Since I had the evil grand master of headaches the day after he shone a bright light into my eye, it seemed like a logical one. I have no intention of living through that kind of headache again and bought medication against it.
Since my eye went bad, I've been having other nasty symptoms: bloodshot eyes, painful eyes as if they're burnt, ice cold or scraped, dizzyness, nausea, abdomen pain... These seem to point towards migraine, but oddly, except for that one flare, I've never really had any auras or headaches.
After two weeks, my eyes were bloodshot once more, and the blurry vision was still there, so I contacted the hospital.
The pre-research with a Snellen chart showed that the right eye sight was indeed bad. Eye measuring showed no deviation of the lense. Then the doc put some unpleasant drops into my eyes, for measuring the eye pressure. He gave me a tissue to wipe off the excess. As I looked at the wiped remnants, I noticed they're fluorescent green.
The pressure measure looks positively evil. And it is. I have to put my head in the designated place, as he puts the machine's measuring lense with blue light straight onto my eyes.
And that's just the start!
The second eye doctor, the main one, examines my eye intensely. He makes me do a lot of tiring exercises with it. He notices my right eye tends to swim, and sends me to the orthoptist with it.

The orthoptist is a friendly lady. As soon as I walk into her office, I notice I'm considerably older than her average patient. Her walls are lined with children's drawings, thanking her for fixing eyes in poor spelling. To the side is a large box with all sorts of different coloured eye patches.
She makes me follow her lamp and indeed notices some deviation. So I'm set at her measuring device. She has to put it up considerately. As I look at a dog with the left eye and a house with the right eye, my object is to move the apparatus until I see the dog in the house. Both jump around a lot. The second exercise (with bunnies) went even more troublesome.
My right eye swims and my left eye is slightly deviant, my depth perception is very low - but I knew all that. Is all this going to help the sudden blurriness?

The doctors don't have enough information yet to help me, so I need to come back in a few weeks and administer pupil-widening eyedrops beforehand so they can get a better view. The docs also intend to set my swimming eyes straight - that's going to take at least until November.

I'm scared, I can't lie.

I think I'll take the blue eyepatch.
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