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Hey everyone,
To explain my absence from deviantART  I wrote a journal last September that I kept updating, but three months on it's getting so large that I decided to start a journal for Phase 2 Of The House Episode With Asshole Doctor But Yet Without Extremely Sexy Doctors.
To summarize the first one:
In July I noticed my vision in my right eye had gotten blurry all of a sudden. I went to the GP, who sent me to the eye doctor, who sent me to the orthoptist, who conducted a number of tests but found no orthoptic cause so she sent me back to the eye doctor, who sent me to the neurologist. My stats are:
I'm a little far-sighted and there's a slight astigmatism in the right eye. Both eyes are deviant, the one on the right is veering off the most. I would be requiring surgery to correct this, but neither of them is causing the sudden blurriness.

23 Dec: My first appointment with the neurologist is in the addendum of the hospital, by the swimming pool in Eindhoven. In an extremely dull waiting room where the colouring pencils are the only fun feature, where the music is provided by a very tiny portable stereo, and where a faded christmas tree in the corner and a vase of baubles try to brighten the place up a bit, we wait for the doctor to call us.
The neurologist is a lady, and considerably younger than most doctors I've had so far. She does my intake. My initial diagnose was migraine and we talked a bit about that. I'm very easily motion-sick: 3D-games, bus rides, car circling on the parking lot get me going in a few seconds. She explains that this happens a lot with people who are sensitive to migraine.
She gives me a quick reflex- and balance-test. The first test involves tickling me with a huge Q-tip. I can't stand tickling, but my dad finds it amusing.
Then come the hammers. Yes, the hammer-knee test exists! This was the first time I had it, and my reaction was healthy. They also knock you on the elbows, wrists and ankles. The balance test is walking in a straight line, and I passed that as well.
Since no problems were found with these tests, I'm scheduled for both a VEP-test and an MRI-scan. She fills in a questionnaire for me (do you have tattoos? etc) and sends me to the assistant to schedule the VEP. I'm lucky for the VEP: that can be done tomorrow. She explains to me that I'll be getting electrodes on my head that measure how data travels past the optic nerves. On the day of the test I'm not allowed to wash my hair, use gels or lotions or wear make-up. Not going to be a problem for me. I'll receive a letter on when my MRI-scan will be, and I need to make another appointment with them as soon as I know when the test is.
I spend the evening being nervous until a friend of mine and I decide to make the cryptic puzzle in a TV guide together.

24 Dec:
The VEP-scan is again at the friendly Geldrop hospital. Dad and I walk through the halls until we reach a waiting room that has been made "cosy" with red walls. Eep.
We have to wait in a stuffy little corner further down the route, but it's not long before we're called in by a friendly lady. I'm set on a chair in front of a screen with a chessboard pattern and a yellow square in the middle. I get a swim hat on with electrodes in four places - she has to scratch my head at places to make sure the contacts contact. That's painful. The gel used to ease contact is water-based, but feels icky. After a starting test she tapes off the right (bad) eye to get a standard. For two minutes, my left eye has to watch the yellow square while the chessboard pattern inverts itself. After that test, the left eye is patched and the right eye has to watch the square.
The assistant doing the tests is very nice, we chat a bit. I feel dizzy from the test though. On the way out I do have to find a place to sit. We cycle to the supermarket afterwards but I'm still not 100%.

Will Be Updated As Soon As I Have More Infos.

Update 31 Jan:
I managed to forget my MRI appointment and will have to wait for at least a month for a new one.
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